About Us

About Us

Manavata is a worldwide (registered charity in India, UK and USA) charitable, voluntary, secular and not-for-profit organization working for the development of the Society.

Mission to create Healthy, Happy and Harmonious world and Vision of sustainable development with right education, holistic health and safe environment. 57 chapters working on this mission across the world in the fields of sustainable health, education, environment, and self-development and poverty alleviation. Manavata orphanages currently have more than 150 children. 27 health centers serving 40000 patients with its free treatment, therapy and medicines where many poor people are getting benefited in several remote villages.

Manavata Yoga centers: helping many people to learn true science of Yoga and art of life. Manavata promotes Yoga as a life style to create overall well being. Manavata organizes free Yoga sessions in several government schools, communities and it’s yoga centers. Some of the Manavata centers managing regional Yoga practice groups with little membership fee to maintain the costs. Overall vision of Manavata is to Health and Education should not be commercialized.

Manavata Academy of Human Excellence (MAHE) is an initiative of Manavata to promote value based education and to bring out excellence from every child. In MAHE, free values based education, yoga and health sessions are regularly conducted. Currently there are five MAHE centers in UK and three centers in India. Manavata has established University for Humanity (UFH) near Hyderabad in India to creating an international Centre for sustainable development. The initial goal is to make 500 villages self-sustainable

Manavata University for Humanity (UFH):  is one of the large projects of Manavata to meet sustainable development goals through the real practice of biodiversity and humanity.

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