Ideal Daily Schedule

Ideal Daily Schedule

Ideal daily schedule (Dinacharya):As per Ayurveda and Vedic Health science, to lead healthy life, one must follow proper life style (Dinacharya). Following schedule is designed according to law of nature and how  our body organs function in different times of the day called as Circadian Biological clock. Following picture explains about how our body functions in different timings. for example when lungs are more active, that time we should be more active and work with breathing. We should eat well when stomach is active.

 Ideal daily schedule table: Make your day to day performance at home and work more efficient by following ideal routine. it helps to make continuous progress and achieve success while leading healthy life.

Activity Time Tasks (4 hours gap in between 2 meals)
Wake up between 4am and 5am Prayer and positive affirmation
Clean up drink 1.25 to 1.5 liters of water
first round of ablution

(Mind & Body)

1 hour Yoga, Pranayam & meditation
Clean up drink 1.25 to 1.5 liters of water
Second round of ablution
Fresh juice 7am fresh Lemon with water or vegetable juice
Breakfast 8:30am Fresh Sprouted beans (best choice) / soaked nuts or High protein food
with 1 hour gap after breakfast Drink 1 glass of plain water every one hour (drink slowly)
Work productive & good purposeful work 1 hour before lunch stop drinking water
Lunch  12:30pm Greens (spinach / leaves) or plenty of vegetables with dhal or any other whole gains along with brown rice or crushed wheat or roti
 with 1 hour gap Don’t drink water while eating. Drink 1 glass of plain water every one hour (drink slowly)
Snacks  4PM fresh fruits / Water
if you feel hungry eat fresh fruits or dry fruits (no cooked food)
Cleaning  5PM drink 1 litre water
Ablution / Cleaning
Dinner 6:30pm (before sunset) ½ kg vegetables (steamed or fresh) with roti or crushed wheat. Avoid curd or yogurt, instead u can try warm milk
Self-Study 30 min any time after dinner Study of scriptures which gives you guidance towards spiritual growth and purposeful life (together with family)
Sleep between 9:30 PM and 10PM a prayer or a few minutes of meditation will help for a pleasant sleep