Krida Yoga

Krida Yoga

Yoga is a systematic and  scientific process to manifest the divinity with in. In fact anything that helps us to bring the best from within us is  yoga,as even playing games properly can help achieve the divine goal.

Yoga is a process of all round personality development-physical,mental,emotional and spiritual.Games play an  important part in this process.Games (krida) will turn into yoga,if we keep constant  awareness while playing,which in turn will bring love,harmony,peace and bliss.

Few people are aware of the real importance of games,there scope and depth and the way they affect all those involved the umpire,the players and the spectators.True personality of an individual is reveled during his involvement in a game and his response to the failure and success, to the fair and foul play etc..You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.Games not only reveals once character, they form it.A man who enjoys game  in true spirit,irrespective of success and failure,ups and downs,learns to enjoy life.

Psychologist agree that games give us a chance to give free vent to pent up emotions and thus,release a lot of stress.They help us control our excitement and culture our emotions.

Most of the games can be played by all the participants i.e children,young as well as old.Games are broadly divided into five categories.