Inspiration: Our Founder

Inspiration: Our Founder

Srinivasa Alluri (Srini) is the founder and President of a global charity Manavata, registered in India, UK and USA and which has been accorded special consultative status by United Nations. He is also the Founder of a global IT company, Sandhata Technologies.

Srini is a Humanitarian, a Yogi, a Social reformer, an activist, an entrepreneur, IT Professional, Architect, and a well-known cyclist who cycled around 29000 km in 18 countries. He also won Limca book of records for his London to New Delhi cycling. He has dedicated his life for the cause of humanity and for a mission to create a healthy, happy and harmonious world. He also established a number of orphanages and has been helping blind and disabled children. He utilises his time, learnings, earnings and efforts for self-less causes and for the betterment of the world.

Learning of Yoga and Humanity: Within first 10 years of Srini’s life, he was blessed with the great knowledge of Gita in practice – Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga with the inspiration of his mother and great gurus. He got great knowledge and inspiration from epics such as Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavatam and other Vedic knowledge apart from his school studies.

First Raja Yoga was introduced to him by a Paramahamsa Yogi (walking saint) who happened to visit his ZPH school in Rayavaram village in 1984. He has been practicing Yoga with his continuous research through Swadhyaya or self-study. Srini has been teaching Yoga from 1988 and first started teaching to his school friends. He had faced lot of challenges from anti-social behaviour of youth in his struggle to establish righteousness & humanity. Through this experience he started a youth association in his village with 15 volunteers to address social issues and to help poor and needy.

Srini’s Manavata work began in 1991 in a small village called Lolla, Andhra Pradesh in India where he was born. Sorrows, poverty, illness, malnutrition among children causing high mortality and the lack of direction of the young around him in rural India motivated Srini to ignite a movement to address these problems through Manavata. Manavata thus initiated its mission to serve the needy with an altruistic outlook. Today there are over 8000 Manavata volunteers working towards realizing this mission across the world in the fields of sustainable health, education, environment, self-development and poverty alleviation.

Srini and his team have touched many lives through training, charity and other means. He has inspired and trained more than 120,000 students, over 600 farmers and conducted thousands of workshops on healthy living, Personality Development Programs and yoga. He has been successfully running number of humanitarian projects such as orphanages and rural health centres for poor. Manavata orphanage and supported homes currently have more than 150 children. Manavata rural health centres are currently serving in 27 villages and over 40000 poor patients are getting benefited.

Srini has created a “Cycling for Humanity” programme, which aims to inspire people to support humanitarian causes and to lead a healthy, eco-friendly life. In 2011 Srini cycled from London to New Delhi covering 11,350km.  In 2013 he led a 1,000 km cycling event and a 100-day relay fast to protest the deaths of 22 children in Bihar (India) due to food poisoning from school meals, which resulted in a positive response from the Government to help 120 million children to get proper nutrition and hygiene in their school mid-day meal. Manavata Academy of Human Excellence (MAHE) is another initiative to promote value-based education and to bring out excellence from every child. In MAHE free values-based education, yoga and health sessions are regularly conducted. Currently there are five MAHE centres in UK and three centres in India.

Manavata is establishing University for Humanity (UFH) near Hyderabad in India following Srini’s vision of creating an international Centre for sustainable development. The initial goal is to make 500 villages self-sustainable by 2030 and then help it continue for many future generations in protecting sustainability, righteousness and humanity. Srini has spent last 10 months in India to motivate farmers and teachers. Natural farming project in UFH has inspired many farmers.

Srinivas has visited and conducted sessions and meetings in various world class institutions in US, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, China, Japan and Nepal for earth quake relief. He also did cycling for humanity recently from great-wall of China and Hiroshima to Nagasaki in Japan to stop using toxic chemicals and stop discrimination /boundaries among human beings. He has discussed collaboration for University for Humanity with his workshops and meetings in institutions like Stanford USA, IIT India, Beijing University China, Tokyo University and Nepal Education department.

He maintains a simple and disciplined life style and has dedicated his entire personal life towards realizing his mission inspired by great personalities such as Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha and Adi Shankaracharya.

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Name: Srinivasa Alluri

Parents: Smt. Alluri Varalakshmi (Late) and Sri. Alluri Bapineedu (Farmer)

Birth place: Lolla village, Rayavaram Mandal, East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh, India

Born on 19th Oct 1972

Education: MCA (Andhra University), Leadership Executive program (London Business School), Yoga (Svyasa University and QCI), Marma therapy (Mrityunjaya Mission, Haridwar)

Profession: Several roles in IT: Software Engineer to Senior Architect to CEO, 20 years worked top telco giants and IT companies across the globe includes India, Singapore, Thailand, Middle East, Europe, USA, UK etc.

Guest Speaker for many Universities, Colleges & schools, Leadership trainer for corporate Management / Engineering work force, Consultant status at United Nations, Voluntary contribution to several rural schools including some of the top institutions like IITs.

Farmer: He has been continuously working with farming from his childhood and now has strong experience of 25 years in natural organic farming. Now he has been cultivating fruits, millet, grains, pulses in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to save soil with natural farming techniques, helping several farmers with his training and cooperation.

Teacher: He has started his teaching from his school to improve literacy and quality of education. Through this he was able to address multiple issues and varied subjects. He has been teaching schools and Universities, training teachers, farmers, corporate professionals, Families, Youth, differently abled people and doctors. As Yoga guru, he has trained 30000 people and over 50 Yoga teachers in Personality development, Leadership and Healthy Living.

Goal: To bring humanity to every human being through making a sustainable world with health, Happiness and harmony!

Life: Dedicated his life for humanity by giving time, money and energies for the self-less cause!

Achievements:  Manavata foundation (Vishwa Manavata Samstha) and leading for past 28 years growing from a small village with 15 volunteers to a global charity with 8000 volunteers, training 1.2 lacs children with direct personality development training, plantation of over 1 lacs saplings, Limca book of records, several Life time achievement awards & leadership awards from UK, India, established 5 orphan homes, study centres, health centres.

Mission 3H & SRDP: His dream is to make at least 500 villages self-sustainable by 2030. The Sustainable rural development Program (SRDP) project has been implemented in 27 villages so far.

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