Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

“Ha” means sun and tha means “moon”. Hatha yoga is more body oriented as compared to Patanjali yoga which is mind oriented. Ultimate goal of Hatha Yoga is moksha or self-realization. The aim of Hatha yoga practice balance the energy system in the body, make body healthy, mind emotionally strong and conflict free, intellect sharp and spiritual aspiration fulfilled.

  Seven steps of Ghata Shuddhi

According to Garanda Samhita 7 steps of Ghata


1. Shatkarma: purification of the body

2. Asana: strength/fitness of the body

3. Mudras: Steadiness of the body

4. Pratyahara: Attaining courage

5. Pranayama: Lightening of the body

6. Dhyana: Direct perception of the Atman

7. Samadhi: Detachment/isolation

To attain these conditions one should practice shatkarma.