The culturing of mind is accomplished by focusing of the mind initially followed by relaxed dwelling of mind in a single thought  for longer and longer duration leading ultimately to super-consciousness.A progressive habituation allow the mind to remain relaxed during the period of Meditation.

Modern research has now thrown light on the yogic processes especially meditation.Experiments have shown that meditation can induce higher mental states.Meditation is a yogic process of providing deep rest to our mind and body,by allowing the mind to calm down to its basal states.

Benefits of Meditation:

  • Brings profound relaxation,both physical and mental.One of the remarkable changes that occur during meditation is slowing down of the metabolic rate.
  • Lower blood pressure,both during and after meditation.
  • Slows down the heart rate to a few beats per minute.
  • Calmness and serenity ensure the production of lactate is less.
  • Regular practise brings about an improvement in physchomatic diseases.

Regular practice of meditation transforms a person gradually by imparting a sense of calm and control.Transformation does not take a place during sleep although the body gains physical relaxation.Meditation paves the way for spiritual growth.Meditation ensures inner peace and harmony.