Minute Yoga for Busy people

Time is a precious commodity. Health is Wealth. So often people tell me they really want to do more yoga, but they struggle to find time to go to class. I get it. Life can be busy and some people simply do not have the option of going to class every day. This doesn’t mean you have to miss out!

You can still reap some of the amazing benefits of yoga with a key portions that you can easily fit in to your day, no matter how busy you are. After several years of my experience in corporate life Yoga helped me a lot for continuous improvement in my efficiency, holistic health and rapid growth in career while peacefully carrying my mission for humanity charity work.   My Yoga research and experience helped me share proven techniques to many of my colleagues, top management and professionals at all levels. Here are some key techniques, which allows you to adopt Yoga very easily in your day to day life to improve health and also improve your efficiency in work.

Yoga is a special skill which makes the mind reach subtler state. Here Yoga is defined as – Yogah Karmasu Kaushalam; Yoga is dexterity in action. This dexterity is in maintaining relaxation and awareness in action. Relaxed action is the process.

Thus, Yoga is a skillful science of gaining mastery over the mind.

So morning Yoga sadhana surely helps you to make your work and life more efficient.

One minute simple exercises to incorporate in your life. 1 min morning prayer stretch, 1 minute stress stretch, think 1 min before you react, 1 min inner awareness, 5 minutes of family meditation.

Start the day with Prayer and gratitude: Wake up early & Contemplate your mind on higher level consciousness.. start day with paying gratitude to our life givers in first one minute of the day (mother, father, guru, mother earth and Sun).

1. Getting out of bed 30 minutes earlier

I know, not what you want to hear, but you will find that a few minutes of morning yoga gives you more rest than than the sleep & more beneficial to you than that extra bit of sleep. Not only will your physical body be energised and awake, your mind will be more balanced, calm and focused.

Practice: 10 minutes warm up (jogging & stretches), 12 Sun salutations (SuryaNamaskars), LSP, 2 minutes Kapalabathi, 2 minutes Anuloma Viloma Pranayama and 5 minutes meditation.

2. Use your waiting or travel time wisely

when you wait for bus/train or travel, instead of getting frustrated, use the wait time wisely and practice simple breath awareness. Close your eyes and conn

ect with your breath. Take your awareness to the entrance of nostrils and observe the breath flowing in and out. *if you are driving, just have a breath awareness and mindfulness with relaxed mode while you concentrate on drive!

3. Desk Yoga: during your work release stress in 1 minute once in 2 hours

Urdva Hastasan, Tiryak Tadasan: Just get up from the chair and stretch hole body with deep breath. relax whole body.

4. Family Yoga: 

After dinner, invite your family to join you for 3 to 5 minutes of relaxation. Sit in Vajrasana in a circle, share some inspirational story or quote, then practice group meditation. It is also create very harmony and happiness to all family members.

Wishing you blissful yoga moments.

5. Take session:

Our mission is to bring 3H: Health, Happiness and Harmony to every family. So Manavata volunteers experienced Yoga teachers are helping many families.


We are offering following options for busy people to adopt Yoga as part of day to day life! you may choose one of these options:

  1. Online Sessions: join daily morning sessions for couple of Weeks to learn and get yourself into Yoga practice
  2. Community Workshops: you can help your family and community by hosting this event. This will help to improve family health, harmony and social health for community.
  3. Corporate Workshops: you can help your colleagues also by hosting this event. it is not only helps for health, but work life balance and high performance. we can particularly offer some customized workshops on Stress Management, Anger management, Perfect Decision Making and leadership skills.
  4. Join our Regular Yoga courses or 3 months Yoga teachers training course: 
  5. Therapy Sessions: we help to cure /heal different common illnesses and psychosomatic diseases. You may take a seperate therapy session with our Yoga therapists.
  6. Yoga Retreat:  you may join week long to month Yoga retreat courses in Manavata UFH campus.

Apply: You may request for these workshops just by sending email to info@manavata.org. We will try to schedule based on  availability of our senior Leaders and inspirational Yoga gurus.