Healthy Temperature of water to take bath

Bath water temperature should be just a degree or two high than normal body temperature. However, for some people this may not be hot enough. It is important to realize that from about 39 degrees Celsius (102F) upwards, the temperature of the bath water can have a physiological effect on the body.

Indian healthy practices and Ayurveda always recommended normal plan water bath at natural temperature. recommended taking bath in holy rivers, well water, streams, ponds, sea and such open flowing water for perfect health. of course with significant health benefits.

Best Time for Bath: Early morning before sunrise is best time to take bath and evening sunset time. Taking bath is not only just for cleansing the body, but activating all the cells of body, allow them absorb good amount oxygen from normal water. it helps to cure many illnesses too. Now modern science and recent research confirmed these benefits of normal water bath even for the cold countries.
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Feel great: Have a divine thought in mind when you take bath, body as your holy shrine or temple.

As soon as you get home, the first thing you want to do is run yourself a soothing bath.

Now, the latest research shows that baths are not only great for unwinding and soaking away the stresses of the day, they can also play an important role in boosting your immune system, help skin conditions like eczema and even alleviate serious medical disorders.

So realize the great health benefits of normal water bath and go natural and be healthy.

Generally healthy persons should take plan water bath starting from head to feet (top to bottom). For ill persons, it is recommended to soak feet in warm water first and then go for whole body bath.

Adverse effect of Hot water bath with extreme temperatures: It burns natural moisture of the body and some important elements of skin, causes dry skin, rashes and skin problems. It is been observed that people who takes hot water bath they are getting frequent health problems and also loss of nutrients in the body. many people suffer with iron / nutrients deficiency, anemia, anxiety, cravings, nerves weakness, eye problems and bones problems also.

Previous research had suggested that hot baths could be dangerous for heart disease patients, because they temporarily increase blood pressure.

A separate Japanese study showed that warm bath improved cardiovascular health in elderly men and women, helping them to cope better in exercise tests and reducing pain.

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Understanding Cells and Temperature: body is made of cells. Understanding behaviour of cells and effect of Temperature variations on the cells make you much better understanding of what temperature is good for bath and what temperature is good for food / fluids in take.. and it also helps you to understand why we should cook in low temperature to prepare nutritious food. high temperature cooking burns all nutrients, natural color and spoils natural taste. So we need to educate all the family members including children about this base science of life.

Some parts of the body are very sensitive. for example when we do nostril cleansing with Jalanethi kriya, we use just warm water which our nostrils can with stand. So using right temperature for skin is important.

Using right temperature for therapy and to cure different problems:

Right temperature can cure problems. know bit more about what temperature is best for you for your current condition:

Pain relief: For Ackes, pains, knee/joint pains, headache etc, soak feet 10 minutes in in hot/warm water with sea salt or epsom salt. hot wet cloth massage will be very helpful muscle pain relief

Stress: If you’re really stressed out, a cold bath can be the perfect answer – but they’re only for the very brave and those in robust health. The temperature needs to be 55-65F, or 12-18C, says Grant. ‘Cold baths are fantastic if you’re full of tension. They do the opposite of hot baths as they thin the blood and increase blood sugar levels.’
Soak time: a quick dip

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Use Natural cleaners & avoid toxic chemicals: Use just plain water bath, water is good cleaner, you may use natural cleaners like sea salt, lemon, coconut oil, rita powder, shikakai, Clay, Ash etc.  Avoid applying chemicals soaps, shampoos and other body lotions.

"I sometimes add dandelion flowers because they are pretty and they are not just weeds," says aesthetician and founder of Cultivar Clara Williams.

Be Eco-friendly & Be Healthy: Be Natural and Save Nature