World Food day

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Let us be the change! And let us inspire everyone!

World food day: it is time to change! Know your food! Eat Natural! Save the Earth and Be healthy, Feed Hunger! Care for all beings!

1 billion people are suffering with hunger! food crisis is growing day by day! Why?

Because you eat animals & water intensive grains etc, Trees have cut down to grow this food.

=> it has caused ecological imbalance => toxic chemicals used in cultivation to increase yield => resulted death of soil, no rains and draught conditions => food crisis

=> 60 to 70% land became dry & waste land.. (sheep and goats have damaged rest of the greenery, not allowing plants to grow)

Back to Nature: Take action!

Act Now and save yourself by changing your food 

*  So Move from grass food to tree based foods! Good for you & good for Nature!

Change your food! make atleast 50% your food naturally from trees and other 50% low water consumption grains like millet. Stop factory food! Use local farm food & grow food yourself!

To address big problems of the world like poverty, hunger, malnutrition, health crisis, farmers suicides, climate change, global warming and others, we must correct the food.

“Feeding the world, caring for the earth” both should be addressed together. it is not only about feeding people, caring for all creatures on the earth  and respect biodiversity.  Be a vegetarian with non-violent food.

Practice of non-violence is a key parameter for human beings, i.e living without damaging or disturbing other beings. But people are growing food by brutally spraying pesticide and killing everything, which is killing our soil and fertility. We are losing sustainability day by day, soil is becoming lifeless desert. We have already cut most of the trees, though we are supposed to have minimum 500 trees per head, unfortunately only 28 trees in India  and many countries in the world. It is all because of people relying on grass based food. grass based food increased too much chemical usage and pollution. it is also labour intensive.

To address this problem. we should change our food to tree based food.. minimum 50% of our food should be taking from trees like coconuts, fruits, nuts, dates etc. then people start growing more trees.

Example: Model family farm: plan your farm with combination of seasonal and all seasons food giving trees.

Two coconut tree, 3 gova trees, 1 Mango, 1 nuts tree, 1 drumstick tree, 1 sitafal tree, 2 Pappaya, 2 Banana trees can feed one family 50% of their food throughout the year without much effort, within small amount of land and without any pesticides. At the same time, great help for environment. It also gives family to grow their vegetables, creepers and grow their income within the same land.

How to address hunger and suffering problem of today’s world?

Feed hunger is really a basic responsibility of all human beings. Unfortunately 100 crores of people and many species are suffering with hunger, at the same time other side many people are irresponsibly wasting food or over eating. All these people are suffering with health problems and causing big pain to the Earth.

Food has to be corrected if you really want to help world.. Please avoid food wastage, avoid factory food, avoid junk food.. Eat natural locally without any pesticides..

Be aware of what to eat, how much to eat, how to eat, when to eat.. be natural..



















“Loka Samsta Sukhino Bhavanthu!” 

May all beings Happy and peaceful!

Let us protect Dharma (i.e Prakrithi Raksha + Sarva jeevula Raksh with responsible living)

Thanks & Regards



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