Happy Dassehra!


Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Wish you very Happy Dassehara !
Keep up good work! May Goddess bless you with more energy, health to keep up your noble work/seva and continue your sadhana towards self-realisation! thank you for being here and working together for Manavata! keep it up!

Dasha Hara is a Sanskrit word which means removal
of ten bad qualities within you
Kama vasana (Lust)
Krodha (Anger)
Moha (Attachment)
Lobha (Greed)
Mada (Over Pride)
Matsara (Jealousy)
Swartha (Selfishness)
Anyaaya (Injustice)
Amanavta (Cruelty)
Ahankara (Ego)
It’s also known as ‘Vijaydashami’ which means Vijaya over these ten bad qualities.
Happy Dassehra..

May this Dassehra bring lots of joy and happinessĀ to you and your family.

Intensify your regular Yoga Sadhana and Karma Yoga with complete devotion and dedication to reach this goal of victory over ten evils which leads to complete liberation and self-realization.