Single Line Games

Single Line Games


This game is played in a similar ay as we play the convectional musical chair. However, instead of chairs, a few participants will stand in one line keeping sufficient distance as chairs. While standing, alternate participants will keep their right and left palm on their waist making a triangular hook. The runners, after stoppage of music or whistle should insert their hand in the hook. Those who do not get the hook (chair).


Draw two parallel lines, one ¾ of the length of the other and a distance of a few feet in between. Players will stand on the longer line, bend and hold their toes with their hands. When the whistle is given they will go towards the shorter line, without changing their posture and find a place for themselves. Those who do not have place on the line are out. With each attempt, the line will be progressively reduced in length till there is place for just one person to stand. The one manages to find the place is the winner.


1.Hopping Race

All will hop on one leg to certain distance to reach a point. The one who comes first is the winner.

2.Running on Heels

On a drawn line, the players will stand on their heels with their hands raised. Another parallel line, 15 or 20, away will be drawn. When the whistle is given all the players run on their heels only (without the toes touching the ground) towards second line. Whoever reaches it first is the winner.

3.Hands Up Race

Raising both the hands up and running some distance to reach a point first.The player who reaches the point first is the winner.


a)Hands on the ground race.

Run the distance by hands touching the ground while running.

b)Frog Jump Race

Run the distance by jumping like a frog

4.Four-legged Race

Groups of 3 players are formed and they will stand in a line.The two legs of the player in the middle of each group will be tied to the legs of his two neighbors(his left leg to the right leg of one and right leg to the left leg of the other).A goal will be set.As soon as the whistle is given all the groups will run towards it and whichever group reaches the goal will run towards it and whichever group reaches the goal first is adjudged the winner.

5.Lemon Race

This is a well know race and need no explanation.Keeping a spoon with lemon in the mouth,the players will  run to a certain distance.While running lemon should not drop down till the player reaches the destination.The player who reaches first is the winner.

6.Plate-cup-glass Race

This game is similar to the previous race.The player will keep plate/cup/glass on their heads and run to reach a point first,without dropping it.