Marma Therapy

Marma science is the combination of scientific attitude and religious practices by the mediation of experiential philosophy and is part of the human being’s long experience in day to day life for the achievement of mortal and immortal gains.

In scientific, mortal state, nothing can be absolutely provided because the scientific results are predicated on assumptions. Marma science is an instant, permanent, natural, non-invasive way of healing today, because it succeeds in conserving many of the highest moral values of its adherents.

It promotes calmness; self control, self healing, realization and happiness and does much to prevent sufferings and sorrow.Those who believe in the self-healing power of the human body,live better lives than many who do not, because they depend more on this science than the other conventional medical practices.
The realization of the recognition of the healing power of marma therapy is an experience which is superideational. There is no word which can be employed to designate the scope and prospects of marma therapy.

While Ayurveda is not only a medical science but a way of life, it truly is one of the most noble ways of treatment, having originated out of a very long experience of thousands of years and culminated as final reality. The researchers and great scientists did not stop until it had speculated about almost every phase of medical science,expecting complete liberation from disease and sorrow.

Bridging across the times, in this way, the non medicinal, non surgical option of healing in terms of marma vigyan was incorporated in the spiritual practices and rituals as a part and parcel of routine life. Marma science was conceived to be beyond all definition.

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