Health Diet

We eat to live! But not live to eat!
“Whatever we are taking we snatching from the mouths of others-Mahatma Gandhi”
“Taste for intake” is the Law. “Intake for the taste” is the distortion: Shiridi Sai

A healthy diet is key for health, which gives happiness, cures illnesses, prevents all health risks. Choose fresh and whole foods always in your timely diet.

  • Whole grains (Millet, unpolished rice, etc)
  • leafy vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Lentils, Pulses (Dhal)
  • Foods high in complex fiber,vitamins,and minerals,low in fat and free of cholesterol.
  • Know your food source. try to avoid processed / factory foods.. Use only local farm produced foods preferably organic.
  • Understand your food with this chart.







 2. Drinking water daily 4 liters

  • Flushes our system;kidneys,bladder,of waste products toxins.
  • Drink after or before(2hrs) eating food.
  • Drink early morning 1.5 liters water for motion free.

3. Eating Sprouts breakfast is great nourishment with all required nutritional values.

4.Fruits dinner before sunset is a wonderful option.

5. Regular practice of Yogasanas, Pranayamas and Meditation atleast an hour every day gives you holistic health.


Avoid Viruddhaahara (incompatible food combinations):