Double line Games

Double line Games


This game is similar to the above game,but instead of kerchief,a long stick will be kept at the centre.The two players from both the groups who come to the centre.The two players from the groups who come to the centre will have to take the stick to their respective sides.In process,they can prevent each other by holding the stick and dragging it to their respective areas.Like this game continues.


Participants should be equal in numbers in both the lines.Participants hold their hands.As soon as instructor gives the whistle,the last participant in the line leads the others under the bridge of hands of the first two participants.Thus the second participant gets knotted.(Direction of this  face changes).Then the group passes from the 2nd and 3rd participant,thus knotting one after the other.

The line which complete the bridge first is the winner.

After the 2nd whistle,the group starts unlocking one by one following the reverse order.The line which will become free earlier will be declared as winner.


Two teams equally divided will stand face to face.Opposite players hold each others firmly.Thereby forming a bed(net).One player who is fish lies still in the hands at one end(net) while lying on the bed he should keep his face down and hands and legs in stretched position.Players from their end toss the fish slowly ahead till it reaches the other end.He gets down after reaching the other end.Like this one after another takes up the role of fish.


Divide all the players into two groups.This division can be as:age,state,etc.A lock thick and strong  rope of 40 meters is used in  the game.Tie a kerchief at the center of the rope.Mark three lines on the ground with 2 meters distance.Arrange the rope in such a way that the kerchief will be on the center the rope in such a way that the kerchief will be on the centre line.Ask the two groups to stand in opposite sides and hold the rope up and tightly.When the whistle is blown each side will try to pull the rope.The winner group is that group on whose side kerchief will cross the line.


1.Normal Kabaddi

This is common type Kabaddi. If a player is out he will sit out. He will be back only his team players make their opponents out,

2.Do or die Kabaddi

When rider attacks, he has to make one player out. Otherwise he will be out.

3.Points Kabaddi

Nobody gets out. Instead if a player catches rider, players get one point. If the rider touches anybody in the opposition the rider group gets the points. The team which scores more points is the winner.


A suitable square is formed for the game. In  4 corners, 4 players  (chasers) stand and other players remain inside the square. When the game starts, the players in the corner enter the square, saying kabaddi, kabaddi without losing the breath and try to touch as many players as possible and reach his base (corner) without losing the breath. If any of the chasers lose the breath, he is out. He can also be held by other players from returning to his base, then also he is considered out