Yoga is essentially a spiritual discipline based on an extremely subtle science, which focuses on bringing harmony between mind and body. It is an art and science of holistic living consisting of Holistic value system featured by health, and wealth, bliss and poise, harmony and efficiency. Practice of Yoga is an integrated approach to achieve holistic health and total personality development.Presently world is facing several challenges, specifically on the health. At the same time people are become isolated more and more with insecurity feeling. Fear, anxiety,stress and inappropriate life styles causing several health problems. People unable to live together happily with harmony even in a nuclear families due to negative qualities like anger, greed, lust and jealous. It is important for all of us to think about this crisis to repair both and individual and society. To bring back health and harmony, Yoga is a flexible tool which offers solution with its different streams of yoga like karma yoga, Jnana yoga, Raja Yoga and Bhakti Yoga based on individual choice. As it is nothing to do with any religion, any human being can easily adopt one or all of these streams to achieve higher and spiritual goals while following healthy living. As rightly said, sound mind in sound body, Yoga tones body and tunes mind.  

According to Hindu mythology, Shiva, one of the three major deities of Hinduism, is the founder of Hatha Yoga. He the patron god of Yoga and arts, and is often depicted as an omniscient Yogi.


Increases Flexibility,Muscle strength,Improves respiration, energy and vitality,Maintaining a balanced metabolism,Cardio and circulatory health. 


 Meditation reduces stress,improves concentration,The practice increases self-awareness,It increases happiness

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As growing research shows how yoga therapy aids recovery,especially from stress-induced conditions,and improves overall health and vitality.


Marma science is the combination of scientific attitude and religious practices by the mediation of experiential philosophy and is part of the human being’s long experience in day to day life for the achievement of mortal and immortal gains.


Yoga brings more awareness, consciousness and self-control for people to lead healthy life with right practices in day to day life including healthy diet, right knowledge, calmness of mind, positive thinking, and emotional balance and finally keeps one to achieve higher goals. As we all know currently majority of world population is facing huge number of health problems in their day to day life due to ignorance. Yoga is the need of the hour and best solution to bring holistic health and harmony in every family so that in every nation to make a healthy world!

 “Yoga is about harmonizing oneself with the universe. It is the technology of aligning individual geometry with the cosmic, to achieve the highest level of perception and harmony.” The word Yoga has got several definitions from different scriptures like “Union of self with universe or soul with supreme soul” or “performing duty efficiently with determination, dedication and skillful-ness” or “mastering self over mind and senses” etc. Whatever definition we take, in real life it means “living in harmony with all beings, for all beings, by all the beings”. In short Yoga is a life style i.e leading eco-friendly life with consciousness and true knowledge! Yoga principles laid for overall wellbeingness, which includes physical, mental, social and spiritual health of individual and society. 

Patanjali Marshi has articulated Yoga principles very well in his Yoga Sutras.For practice of Yoga one must follow Yama, Niyamas, which is core for progressing in Sadhana.

Hatha yoga is more body oriented as compared to Patanjali yoga which is mind oriented. Ultimate goal of Hatha Yoga is moksha or self-realization. The aim of Hatha yoga practice balance the energy system in the body, make body healthy, mind emotionally strong and conflict free, intellect sharp and spiritual aspiration fulfilled.