Be Eco-Friendly

Collect Seeds:

Soon the season of fruits like mango, jamun, jack fruit Etc will come. My request to all of us is kindly don’t throw the seeds, wash them and pack n keep it in in ur car. Whenever you go out and find barren land while travelling, on a highway throw these seeds. They will germinate easily the coming monsoon. If with this act we can contribute even a single tree each to our world, our mission is successful. This is not just a random idea. It was initiated decades ago in areas like satara and ratnagiri in Maharastra. Many other districts have appealed to people to spread abundance in nature this way and many citizens have joined this wonderful mission. It would be wonderful if all of us also join this and contribute back to our next generations world.

Save water:

Farming: water your plants early morning, use drip irrigation and mulching to preserve mouture

at Home: use bucket for bath or less than 5 minutes shower, reuse bath water for washing clothes and toilet, stop using soap, manual wash clothes

Food: use locally naturally grown food, use tree based seasonal foods, use grains which uses less water to grow like millets, dates, coconuts etc.

Stop food wastage

Eco-Friendly Products for daily Cleaning

Stop toxic Chemicals on your body and avoid water pollution. These days t’s not difficult to pick up a natural dishwashing or body washing soap at your local supermarket.

Most of the products in the market for daily washing and cleaning are very toxic, which are causing environment pollution and health issues.

Commercial advertisements & product companies fooled people to believe that their products are hygiene, healthy, safe etc. But fact is they are all toxic for both health and environment.

There are plenty of simple natural, cost effective solutions which were proven for ages. here are some examples:








Tooth powder Recipe: 

You can prepare tooth powder easily with naturally available ingredients at home. some recipes are as follows (you can grind them together as powder in one of these combinations):

  1. 1 part sea salt+2 parts coal (or cow dung ash)+  1 part of fennel seeds powder+couple of cloves or dried peppermint
  2. 1 part sea salt+1 part baking soda+ 1 part of fennel or jeera powder  or neem powder+ couple of cloves or dried peppermint (1 tea spoon of cinnamon powder optional)
  3. 1 part Neem powder + 1 part sea salt + 1 tea spoon of black pepper powder