Bhakthi Yoga

Bhakti yoga – path of worship

Bhakti yoga aims to help a person evolve emotional maturity, love for society and to spread the message of universal brotherhood and oneness. It helps in transformation of conditional and desirous form of love into true unconditional love. Kama (desire), combined with tyaga (sacrifice) forms prema (love). Prema along with saranagati (surrender) results in bhakti.

The method and Technics of Bhakti yoga are love and affection towards others with out any discrimination.It warrants the elimination of emotions like hatred, jealous, prejudice and enmity from one’s mental make-up .The path of bhakti yoga results in satisfaction and calmness of mind. It is considered to be the easiest path among four, as the practice is not very rigorous.

Bhakti yoga is similar to the interpersonal relation between humans, but here the relation is between soul and super soul (ultimate soul). Bhagvad purana provides us with nine forms of bhakti: Sravan (listening), Kirtana (praising), Smarana (remembering), Pada-sevana (rendering service), Arcana (worshipping), Vandana (paying homage), Dasya (servitude), Sakhya (friendship), and Atma-nivedana (complete surrender of self).