Holistic Health and Yoga Workshops in USA

Manavata 3H mission is to bring Health, Happiness and Harmony to all. 3H family is about living in harmony within family and with mother nature.


  • To Protection of health of healthy person and to cure the disease of diseased!
  • To Promote and practice Humanity, universal brotherhood and Eco-friendly Living

Day by day people are loosing health, generations are becoming week mainly due to life style issues and people confused with so much commercial information about Health. Many life style disorders making much more worse due to ignorance, fear, stress, hatred, anger, greed and jealousy. no harmony within heart and no harmony in family also. This is causing huge number of health problems and misery in many families. So it is an urgent and important priority to bring back our harmonious 3H family culture and proper Health care into every family:

What is 3H family culture ?

  • Live together & Love each other
  • Work together & help each other to bring best healthy practices and happiness into family culture.
  • Play together and practice Yoga, medite together
  • Cook together and eat together, share food to others before you eat.
  • Be responsible, self-reliant and always be first to help
  • Serve together to mother nature & care for other beings
  • Zero waste home & Eco-friendly living

It is important to live with consciousness. As you aware these days everything became unsafe. Air, water, food etc. people forgotten the originality of life on earth and gone far away from nature. Now it is time to come back to roots with the right awareness without getting cheated by out side world. Specifically about: “what is good for you and good for all”, i.e what is right for you rather than what you like or dislike? Everyone must get equipped with some tools and techniques for Good Health.

What to Learn?

  1. How to detox mind and body
  2. Yogic and Vedic health techniques to make whole life & family Healthy, Happy and Harmonious.
  3. Unique opportunity to experience blissful self and recharge yourself!
  4. Techniques for: Self-Healing & Healthy Living, Simple home remedies
  5. Dinacharya (IDS: Ideal daily schedule), Quality standards & best practices for family health,
  6. Right Food, purpose and aim of life, Eco-friendly living.

Be Aware! Live with consciousness!

  • What to eat, what not to eat
  • How to Cook, how not to Cook
  • What to use, what not to use
  • How to live, how not to live
  • What to do, what not to do.

Here is the schedule for Manavata US chapter events and workshops conducted

Speaker:  Yogi Sri Srinivasa Alluri  (3H Life Couch & Founder President, Manavata)

Srini’s visit schedule: 3rd April NJ, 4th to 8th April: DC / VA / Ashburn, 9th to 14th May: SFO/Bay area

Following topics are also covered in some of these workshops:

  • Correction of Lifestyle disorders (Dinacharya IDS)
  • Rapid Yoga for Busy people: 20 min
  • Therapeutic Yoga for Cure: 30 min (Back pain, Weight loss, Stress, Diabetic)
  • Brain Yoga for Kids: 20 min
  • Mindful Yoga & meditation for peace: 20 min
  • Healthy diet & Food for thought: 30 min

“Do Yoga every day and keep doctor away”

Programs schedule & details:

Dates Time Admission Venue Contact
Apr 13th, 20th, 27th & May 4th (Saturdays) 8am to 9.30am Free Central Park, Mountain House Naveen


Apr 14th, 21st, 28th & 5 May(Sundays) 9am to 10.30am Free DeAnza Park, 1150 Lime Dr, Sunnyvale Aruna


May 4th (Full day on Saturday) 9am to 6pm Free and food will be served Shiva-Vishnu Temple, Livermore Vinoy


Apr 20th, 27th & May 5th (Yoga Sutras for Life) 11am to 1:30pm Free Sai Parivar, 1221, California Circle, Milpitas, CA 95035 Nirajakshi – (408) 480-5775)
 25th Apr: Yoga & Meditation 7pm to 8pm Free San Roman, CA 650-968-2708
10th May 6pm  to  12th May: 3H Family retreat 2 days Contact for details Seven Circles Retreat Center, Badger, CA Raghu


 18th May:  Yoga & 3H Health workshops: Inspiration  3pm to 7pm  Free  Maya Bazar, San Roman, CA  650-968-2708

Note: Contact For “Yoga Teachers Training program, Online daily Yoga and Swadyaya sessions”

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